"I know that true friendships provide a lifetime of love, emotional support, positive energy, and spiritual uplifting. This kind of friendship is what I saw among the Mahatma women on Sunday and I watched in awe at what compassion and determination looks like and what it can accomplish.  Your love for one another is truly inspiring. How wonderful it is that you have figured out a way to not only share this with each other, but you have figured out a way to pass "it" along to others in the form of a golf tournament.  Your passion for this cause may have started as a personal mission, but it has become so much more."

Lisa Whitman



"I figured it's just another golf tournament, right? Boy was I ever wrong!!!! On the late drive home Sunday night, I was tired (and sunburned) from a day of fun, but yet I was so excited and energized by what I was a part of that day! Awesome is the best description for what I felt. I am already planning to put my own team of friends together for next year's tournament because I want them to have the "Mahatma experience" too."



"This golf tournament has never been about golf!  It has always been an awesome excuse to come together and support one another.  After all who else will we have but our friends when it's all said and done?
I will always remember the very first tournament, Thanksgiving in the pouring rain.  I remember standing in the club house at Indian Pines listening to you guys speak so fondly of a lost friend.  I was so moved by the expression of love for someone who was gone and the support that was given to the loved ones left behind.  I have never forgotten that modest beginning; I'm not sure how much money was raised that year but I would bet if you measured your profits in sincerity, compassion and love, the recipients have never received more."

Gena Morris


"Last year was my first experience playing in the Mahatma Shuffle. Wow, what an experience! It was much more than just another charity golf tournament. It was a weekend of friendships, filled with laughter, compassion and tears.  At the awards ceremony I sat in awe as the recipients, who were awarded funds from the proceeds raised, spoke of their gratitude. It was incredibly uplifting to meet them. The shear strength and courage these individuals showed in their battle against cancer causes one to pause and assess their own life. I learned that NOTHING should be taken for granted."

Susie Hall